WordPress Hosting with Staging feature

WordPress Staging is an essential requirement for a WordPress based website development process. So that most of the specialized WordPress hosting company offer wordpress hosting with staging. Grabbing a good wordpress staging feature included hosting can make your website development, update and scaling process easy, simple and flawless.

Are you already using any? Or you are looking for one? Don’t you know anything about WP Staging? Then this article will help you. Lets dive in.

What is WordPress Hosting?

WordPress hosting is specially optimized for wordpress sites. Specially on database and cache optimization, super fast storage like SSD. They make your sites fly with their dynamic caching, exclusive for WordPress. They offer free SSL & HTTPS, CDN, Daily Backups, more server resources, Git integration, Collaboration, staging tool and much more.


What is WordPress Staging?

WordPress staging is a process of creating an exact copy of your entire website for staging, so that you can make changes on your website without making changes on live site. If you are developing or upgrading a site which already has some traffic and you do not want to affect your users with a broken website, then you can make a staging of wordpress site and made the changes, test it and correct it if needed. If everything is okay, then you can make it live. WordPress staging makes this process simple and easy.

The staging process creates a clone of the website into a sub-folder of the main WP installation including an entire copy of the connected database.

Why you actually need staging a wordpress site?

WordPress staging is the process of taking your WordPress website creating a clone of it that you can log into for testing purposes or for updating purposes(Typically testing).

So this is actually the ideal scenario if you’re running to get into any problems on your website and what you would want to do is set up this staging area then log into the staging area and then hack away added to try to find out what is causing the problem that you’re having with WordPress.

Generally your PC/mac’s localhost and your live wordpress hosting servers are not running the same environment(Versions, Module etc). So it happens often that your site was error free and perfectly works on your localhost, but doesn’t work on the live server and showing error or end up with broken website. So it hurts your users, performances, seo scores and branding.

So the approach of developing/upgrading your wordpress based website on your live wordpress server using staging option is fur better than developing a site on your pc/mac’s localhost and upload it to web server. It will save time and effort. As your are doing it on the same sever and same environment site will not cause any error if it’s error free on your staging environment..

Benefit of WordPress Staging

  • Give you a clone of your website on a same server, same environment
  • One click/Easy solution.
  • You can make changes without letting know your visitors
  • Troubleshoot site errors in a isolated space.
  • It will provide you the opportunity to catch errors and bugs without putting your site at risk and don’t end up breaking your live website.
  • It protects your website’s SEO ranking and site’s stability.
  • Enable you to produce better websites

Some Drawback of staging your WordPress site

Yes, it has some drawbacks too.

  • The hosting packages with offer wordpress staging is slightly costly.
  • You need some extra time to make your staging site live.
  • And a litle bit of extra knowledge.

How to Create WordPress Staging Environment?

Actually there are two ways. One, do it manually using some pro or free plugins (wordpress staging plugin) . Two grab a good wordpress hosting which has the staging feature.

List of wordpress hosting provider with staging feature

Most hosting providers offer staging environments for WordPress websites, which allow you to test out changes to your site before making them live. Here are a few hosting providers that offer staging environments for WordPress:

Comparison of wordpress hosting company with staging option

Best wordpress hosting with staging

I used almost several wordpress shared hosting of different companies. And I also worked as an affiliate of most of the hosting company. But based of my personal experience and my clients opinion I recommend the following wordpress shared hosting for you.

  1. Siteground
  2. WPX Hosting
  3. A2Hosting

Wordpress Staging on WPX Hosting
This is the cheapest wp hosting solution. If you have higher budget the I will recommend either Wp Engine or WPX Hosting.


It’s a good idea to check with the hosting provider to confirm that they offer staging environments for WordPress, and to compare the features and resources offered by different hosting providers to find the best fit for your needs. 

This article answers the following questions:

  • How can I work on WordPress without being live?
  • How do I check my WordPress site before going live?
  • Which hosting is best for wordpress staging?
  • How to setup a staging environment on wordpress website?
  • Why you actually need staging a wordpress site?
  • Is there any drawback of staging your WordPress site?

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